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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1995.03.25

    Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃)
    Watashini Happy Birthday (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Taiyou no Tanjoubi (Mitsuishi Kotono)
    Megumi read a lot of letters from listeners, and some of her comments were: Ever since I started working as a voice actress, I don't think I've had a one week vacation. I wonder what I did with my long vacations when I was a student.

    I got a lot of letters saying, "Happy Birthday." Thank you.

    Then Megumi played Watashini Happy Birthday from last year's birthday event.

    The guest was Mitsuishi Kotono. She said, "Happy Birthday" to Megumi. Megumi said that she was going to be 28 soon. Kotono said that 27, 28, and 29 wasn't much different.

    Kotono recently released Birthday of the Sun, a best album. It contains songs from her previous albums, but there are two new songs, and she rerecorded three songs.

    Kotono will also release an essay collection called Tsuki Hoshi Taiyou, which will go on sale at the beginning of April. It contains the column she wrote for Newtype and some parts of her diary when she was in the hospital. Kotono had been writing in Newtype for about two years, and the first one was when she got hospitalized, and she wrote it in her bed. There are also some pictures, including 8 pages of color pictures. There are a total of 140-some pages, for 1000 yen.

    Megumi played Taiyou no Tanjoubi from Kotono's new album.

    Megumi asked about the title Tsuki Hoshi Taiyou, and Kotono said, "Tsuki (moon) is me. Hoshi (star) are the senpai and friends around me. Taiyou (sun) is the future and dreams."
    Megumi said, "It's not related to Sailor Moon?"
    Kotono said, "No. But I've come to like the moon. I've been saying calling myself moon all this time.."

    A question from a listener (for Kotono), "Is there any new TV show that you will be doing a voice for this spring? Is there any new show that you will be doing with Megumi?"
    Megumi said, "Well not this spring, but this fall. Evangelion. We will start recording the voices soon."
    Kotono said, "It has robots, and a boy rides in it. I still don't know much about it."
    Megumi said, "I'm surprised that I'm doing a girl who doesn't talk much at all."
    Kotono said, "Yeah, there are three who ride the robots."
    Megumi said, "The cute girl, the boy (Ogata Megumi), and the quiet girl (me). I have to challenge something new."
    Kotono said, "For me this is the first time I'm doing a role of someone older than myself."
    Megumi said, "I also auditioned for that role too. But the director suddenly asked me to audition for the other role too. I thought that it wasn't me, but you never know what happens."
    Megumi said, "Is there anything else?"
    Kotono said, "No."
    Megumi said, "It became Supers."
    Kotono said, "Yes."
    Megumi said, "The enemy is very funny. I was very surprised when I saw it on TV. Why are all the enemy gay!? I don't understand!"
    Kotono said, "Until now all of the enemy had been girls, and we were saying that it might be more sexy with guys. But then they were gay.."
    Megumi said, "This is the leading edge TV program in the world. This is the program that all the kids watch. I was surprised. I spit out the potato chips all over! It has Okiayu-kun.."
    Kotono said, "Furukawa Toshio-san, and Ishida Akira-kun."
    Megumi said, "It's going to be interesting to watch what happens to Sailor Moon."

    The guest next week will be Okui Masami. Megumi said, "I sang a duet with her for Slayers the other day."

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