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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1995.04.22

    Moonlight Angel (Okui Masami)
    Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna episode 3
    Megumi read a lot of letters from listeners.

    One listener asked about how to eat yakiniku with other people without having them take your piece of meat. Megumi said, "How pitiful! If you cooked it yourself, eat it yourself! You're not supposed to take your chopsticks away from your meat. It is important to cook it for others, but it's a battle. Also when there is just one piece left at the end, Japanese people will usually not take it. You have to say, 'Can I eat this?' and take it. There won't be anyone who says no." Megumi was very excited when she said it.

    Then Megumi played Moonlight Angel, by Okui Masami. (In Tekkaman Blade this was sung by Kouda Mariko.)

    Okui Masami will have her first concert on 4/25. Megumi said that she would go too.

    Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna episode 3

    The radio drama was Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna episode 3.

    The Yuna OAV will be coming out in the fall, and Yuna will sing the OP.

    The cast is as follows.

    Yuuri Takahashi Miki
    Ria Touma Yumi
    Elna Yamamoto Yuriko
    Erika Yajima Akiko
    Toukon no Mami Fujino Kaoru
    Ginmaku no Miki Nishimura Chinami
    Roppongi no Mai Hara Aya
    China no Reimi Iwatsubo Rie
    Luminar F Nagashima Yuko
    narration Horiuchi Ken'yuu
    Yuna Yokoyama Chisa

    There will be an Akazukin Chacha event with Suzuki Masami as the guest in Yokohama on 4/29. [I already gave away my ticket.. ^_^]

    The guests in May are 5/7 Kusao Takeshi, 5/21 Ogata Megumi, and 5/28 Hiyama Nobuyuki.

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