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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1996.11.23

    Mind Education (Misty Eyes)
    Gundam Wing Blind Target episode 1
    Megumi said that it was getting cold. She sees that calendars and such in the stores. She wants a cute Snoopy one, but she still hasn't picked one out yet.

    Megumi got a letter from someone in Sweden. It was a Japanese person who was going to school in Sweden. He talked about how cold it was there.. Megumi doesn't want to go anywhere that cold.

    Megumi played Mind Education by Misty Eyes, which was the theme song of the Gundam Wing radio drama.

    Megumi: Everyone please be careful. There seems to be some fake signature boards going around. If you see one that doesn't say "to so-and-so", or if it doesn't have the name of the game or anime on it, it's probably fake. If it's a signature on a white signature board, it's fake. Please be careful.

    The radio drama was Gundam Wing Blind Target, episode 1.

    Megumi: It's going to be the season of year-end parties. Please be careful about drinking too much.

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