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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1997.02.22

    J (Okui Masami)
    Jungle de Ikou 2
    This week Megumi went to Kagoshima and Fukuoka for the Evangelion events. She ate lots of good food.

    Megumi announced that the Evangelion movie will not be totally completed this spring. It was planned to be a two-part "Death and Rebirth", 60 minutes each. But the spring movie will be Death 72 minutes, and Rebirth 27 minutes. The real complete movie will come out in the summer with Rebirth being 70 minutes. You can use the ticket for the spring or summer movie.

    Megumi read some letters.

    Then Megumi played J by Okui Masami, the theme song to Jungle de Ikou.

    Then Megumi read some more letters.

    The drama was Jungle de Ikou episode 2.

    The cast is as follows.

    Natsumi/Mii Sendai Eri
    Ongo Hayashibara Megumi
    Fuyuhiko Ohbayashi Ryuunosuke
    Brad sensei Matsumoto Yasunori
    Takuma Yamaguchi Kappei
    Nami Baba Sumire
    mother of student A Mizuhara Rin
    Saruwatari Okamura Akemi

    Megumi talked a little bit about Evangelion. Although Death is a recap of the TV series, there will be new animation, and new voices. The after recording for it took place from 10:00 to 24:15, so it was 14 hours!

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