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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1997.03.01

    Successful Mission (Hayashibara Megumi)
    Jungle de Ikou 3
    Megumi said that she was in the current issue of Game Walker magazine, and that it's a good picture of her.

    Megumi said that some people thought she was losing weight recently.
    Megumi: My face is round, but my body is very skinny.
    Megumi said that she's been keeping her weight at exactly 45 kg for a long time, but recently she went up to 45.5 kg. She thinks people think she's lost weight because of the new style of clothes that she wears. She wears pants more often now.

    Megumi played Successful Mission from the Saber Marionette J CD that's going on sale 3/5. [played the full song!]

    Megumi said that they had finished the after recording for the final episode of Saber Marionette J.

    Megumi talked about the "parasite diet", where you keep some parasite in your stomach so that it will eat the food for you..
    Megumi: I don't want to give control of my body to anyone.

    The drama was Jungle de Ikou episode 3.

    Voices are as follows.

    Natsumi Sendai Eri
    Ongo Hayashibara Megumi
    Longo Shimamoto Sumi
    Fuyuhiko Ohbayashi Ryuunosuke
    Brad Matsumoto Yasunori
    Takuma Yamaguchi Kappei
    Nami Baba Sumire
    obasan A of the kitchen Dodo Asako
    obasan B of the kitchen Mizuhara Rin
    student A Hyoudou Mako
    student B Hiyama Nobuyuki
    Robert Tachiki Fumihiko

    The guests on 3/15 will be Hiyama Nobuyuki and Morikawa Toshiyuki.

    There were Evangelion events in Kobe and Nagoya, but Megumi couldn't go to them.

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