Club Tokimeki Memorial - 1997.04.11

Title Club Tokimeki Memorial
Aired 1997.04.11
Drama none
Host Tange Sakura (ð)
Guest none

This was the first broadcast of the new radio show, based on the Tokimeki Memorial game. The personality is Tange Sakura.

The OP is "Oshiete Mr. Sky".

The first song Sakura played was "Be Myself", a song on her album of the same name. Sakura choose this song (and others during the broadcast) using the theme "spring".

Sakura read some letters.

Sakura's birthday was 3/24.

Sakura used to be the personality of the Motto Tokimeki Memorial radio show, which was broadcast in 1995-1996. After the radio show ended, there were monthly CDs called "Gekkan Tokimeki Memorial". Sakura was also the personality for that.

Sakura played Imai Miki's "Kanojo to Chip on Duo". (a normal jpop song)

The next corner was "girls only love love talk", where Sakura and Kuribayashi Mie (a girl who had just become a high school student) talk about "love". [Mie was a girl chosen to be a Tokimeki Memorial "teen" (mascot girl?)]

Mie and Sakura pulled out cards which had a topic written on it, and they talked about it. The card that Mie pulled out was "type of guys you like".
Sakura: a human.. (^_^;) someone who is very considerate.

The card that Sakura pulled out was "kiss".
Sakura: a kiss is just like a daily greeting.

Then Sakura played Nakayama Miho's "Iro White Blend". (another normal jpop song)

The next corner was "Tokimeki Information". The "personality" for this corner was Akiho Minori, the new character in the new Tokimeki Memorial drama game. [Minori = Tange Sakura]

The last song that Sakura played was My Little Lover's "Hello Again".

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