Club Tokimeki Memorial - 1997.04.18

Ya Ya Ya (Lindberg)
Let's Go (Moritaka Chisato)
Make You Smile (Tange Sakura)
Sakura was at the Tokyo Big Sight on April 5 and 6, at the Konami booth. She said that there were a lot of fans. She talked about the new Tokimeki Memorial game, and it was very HOT.

Sakura played Ya Ya Ya by Lindberg.

Sakura said that she didn't do any sports recently. She tried golf, but she couldn't hit the ball.

Sakura played Let's Go by Moritaka Chisato.

Sakura read some more letters. She said that she got a lot of birthday letters (Sakura's birthday was 3/24). Sakura said, "Thank you." She also got a lot of presents, and brought some of them to the studio. (A bear nuigurumi, Pingu goods, etc.)

Sakura played her song, Make You Smile.

The next corner was the "it's my boom" corner with Kuribayashi Mie, but Mie was gone (she had a school activity). So Sakura talked about that things that she was interested in now. Sakura liked "slippery" things, like jelly and pudding. There was a pumpkin pudding that she really liked, but it disappeared from the store shelves. Now Sakura was interested in cherry yogurt.

Sakura also likes window shopping. She recently started wearing pants. Sakura is 155 cm tall, so she doesn't think she looks good in long skirts. So she used to wear mini skirts or jeans a lot. But now she likes wearing pants.

The next corner was "Tokimeki Information". Minori gave some information about herself. Her birthday was 4/16, her blood type was O, and she was 16 years old now. She goes to Kirameki High School, and she's a manager of the soccer team.

The new Tokimeki Memorial game "Niji Iro no Seishun" goes on sale 7/10.

Sakura's single Make You Smile goes on sale 6/21. Sakura is currently recording the coupling song, and an image song for Minori.

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