Club Tokimeki Memorial - 1997.05.16

Sugawara Sachiko (ͻ)
Grand Flower, Hana to Hana (The Kicks)
Convenience Story (Sugawara Sachiko)
There was a song request by Kuribayashi Mie, Grand Flower, Hana to Hana by the Kicks.

The guest this week was Sugawara Sachiko, who does the voice of Nijino Saki.

There were a lot of letters for Sachiko. Someone asked about the kinds of foods that Sachiko likes to cook. She answered fried rice and "niku jaga" (meat and potatoes). Sakura said that she just cuts up the ingredients and puts it into the pot and let the pot do the cooking..

Someone asked if Sachiko had any habits that she did when she was in front of someone that she liked. Sachiko couldn't think of anything, but she said that she smiled.

Then they played Sachiko's song Convenience Story. Before the song, Sachiko said, "Irasshaimase.." (This is part of the song too.)

Sachiko had sung this song at the Konami All Star Festa event a couple months ago. The video of this event was going to go on sale. There will also be a music CD too. But only the LD will contain some special clips, not on the video.

Sachiko and Sakura talked some more..

Sachiko was on the badminton club in high school. Also someone confessed his love to her while on a school trip.

The next corner was Kuribayashi Mie's corner, and they read some letters suggesting some foods by mixing foods. Sakura, Sachiko, and Mie tried out some of the suggestions.

In the Tokimeki Information corner, Nijino Saki appeared as a guest. Saki and Minori talked.. Minori talked about Saki's great cooking, and she was getting jealous because all of the boys were after Saki.

Minori: Don't be too kind to everyone..
Saki: I hope you find a boy that you like too.
Minori: I'm happy just to be with you.. "Too?"

But Saki avoided Minori's question and left.

Sakura will have an event for her new CD single. It will be at the NS building in Shinjuku on 6/21 and 15:00.

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