Club Tokimeki Memorial - 1997.08.15

Body and Soul (Speed)
Just One Victory (TMN)
Dear (Kingetsu Mami)
Sakura had events in Nagoya and Fukuoka this week. Since Sakura is from Nagoya, she went to visit her family before going to the event. At the Fukuoka event, the "Konami Dancers" made their debut.

The first song was Body and Soul by Speed, the second song was Just One Victory by TMN.

Sakura read some letters.

The third song was Dear by Kingetsu Mami, a song from Click and Dead.

Kuribayashi Mie was going to release her debut single in November.

Mie sang the song at the Tokimeki Memorial events, and the "Konami Dancers" appeared on the stage while Mie was singing.

Sakura and Mie started eating some food that Sakura bought in Fukuoka. They said they ate a lot of good food at the various places they went for the events.

Fujisaki Shiori second single goes on sale 9/26. The songs are Owaranai Memory and Kodou wo Tomerarenakute.

The final event is 8/17 at the Suginami Koukaidou.

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