Club Tokimeki Memorial - 1997.08.29

Title Club Tokimeki Memorial
Aired 1997.08.29
Drama none
Host Tange Sakura (ð)
Guest Nagasawa Yurika (singer)

The first song was My Dear by Nagasawa Yurika. This used to be the ED song to the previous radio show, Motto Tokimeki Memorial. Sakura said that this song got a lot more requests than other songs.

When asked about how to create songs, Yurika and Sakura said that they had songs come to them while in the bath. For the lyrics, they write down the thoughts when they come to them, and combine them into a song later.

Yurika collects hats, and has around 50 right now.

Yurika will have a new single coming out on 9/3. Then they played it, El Nile.

In the my boom corner, they talked about the Konami db caravan events. The "Konami dancers" appeared during Mie's song at the final event in Suginami Koukaidou. (But they didn't give the identities..)

At the Tokyo Game Show on 9/6 and 9/7, at the Konami booth, they will sell Konami goods. They will have presents to the first 2500 people (each day) that buy over 3000 yen of goods.

Sakura's second album goes on sale 10/3. Also she will have a picture collection going on sale that day. To commemorate the album, Sakura will have a "Make You Smile tour". The dates are: 10/4 in Saitama (Iwasuki), 10/5 in Nagoya, 10/10 in Toshima Koukaidou, 10/11 in Osaka, 10/12 in Fukuoka.

Sakura will do some gakuensai live events this fall: 11/2 at Tokyo Kagaku Gijutsu Daigaku, 11/23 at Rika Daigaku.

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