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  • Club db Station - 1997.05.10

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子)
    Konishi Hiroko (小西寛子)
    Kyuukyoku Parodius 1
    The new personalities for this radio show were Iwao Junko and Konishi Hiroko. At the opening, Junko shouted out "Shou Comi.." and "Mahou Tsukai.." (^_^;)

    Junko called Hiroko "Kanko-chan", and Hiroko called Junko "Jun-chan". They were similar in that both liked to eat a lot.

    Hiroko explained a little about the new drama based on the game Kyuukyoku Parodius (極上パロディウス). This was a shooting game, which was a parody of a game called Gradius. There were many funny animals and such in the game.

    Hiroko asked Junko what kind of games she played, and Junko mentioned a lot of older games. Then when Hiroko asked if Junko had played anything new, for the Playstation or Saturn, Junko said Tokimeki Memorial. Junko said that she liked girls..

    The drama was Kyuukyoku Parodius episode 1.

    Hiroko and Junko were in the drama. Inoue Kikuko will be in the story next week.

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