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  • Club db Station - 1997.05.17

    Iwao Junko (˽)
    Konishi Hiroko ()
    Kyuukyoku Parodius 2
    The the opening, Junko and Hiroko kept saying, "pa pa pa pa pa.."

    Junko: How many times did we say "pa"?
    Hiroko: Is there any prize?
    Junko: No.

    Hiroko said that she was almost hit by a car recently. Then Junko said that she would stay with Hiroko to protect her.

    There was a letter asking both Junko and Hiroko what their initial impressions were of each other.

    Junko: Round, tall, "kyu".
    Junko meant that Hiroko's face was round, she was tall, and she was thin. Junko asked Hiroko how tall she was, and Hiroko said 161 cm. About being thin, Hiroko said, "It's fat where you can't see." Then Junko said, "Let me see sometime." Hiroko used to have long hair when Junko met her for the first time, but now Hiroko has very short hair.

    Hiroko: A calm oneesan, at first. But after talking to her, I thought, "This person is missing something."
    Junko: I don't know why everyone calls me "boke-boke".

    There was going to be a special event for Mahou Tsukai Tai. They were all going to an unknown location, and "train". Junko said that maybe they were going to sit on a bar, just like Sae does in the anime. Also both Junko and Hiroko said that they didn't want to wear a buruma.

    They got a letter asking Junko to sing happy birthday, and since Junko had her keyboard with her, Junko and Hiroko sang. But Junko said that those letters should be sent to her other radio show.

    The drama was Kyuukyoku Parodius episode 2.

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