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  • Club db Station - 1997.05.31

    Iwao Junko (˽)
    Konishi Hiroko ()
    Kyuukyoku Parodius 4
    This was the last broadcast for Parodius. Both Junko and Hiroko were feeling sad.

    Hiroko said that there was a "ending" party for a TV series that she had done recently. During the party, she wasn't feeling sad, but at the end of the party, she (and others) felt sad. So they decided to party all night..

    Junko understands this feeling, as she had some "endings" this spring. Even if the seiyuu can meet in other anime and such, it still feels sad. Also Junko said that even if they are working in the same field, sometimes there are people that they don't see for a very long time.

    The drama was Kyuukyoku Parodius 4, the last story.

    After the drama, Junko and Hiroko read letters.

    Then they did some self introductions. They both said that it was hard to do self introductions.

    Hiroko: was born in Kanagawa. likes hot foods, like chili. is usually just spaced out at home, and will sleep til noon..

    Junko: was born in Beppu in Oita. is currently working as a seiyuu, but used to be a singer of children's songs.

    Hiroko tried again.

    Hiroko: born on 10/26, would like to take pictures/videos when she's just walking around on the streets.

    Then Junko suddenly shouted out that her fingers were black. Junko was wearing some dark colored new clothes, so the colors faded onto her fingers.

    Next week, the personality will be Kuwashima Houko, and the drama will be "Click and Date".

    Although Junko and Hiroko were in Mahou Tsukai Tai together, they didn't see each other much.

    Hiroko: It was only four weeks. I want to do more.

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