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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1996.11.09

    Time Leap episode 7
    Hideo said that Yuko's hands were very funny in the CD single jacket. (Yuko's CD single for Imadoki no Vampire that went on sale 10/25.)

    Someone sent in a letter asking if a condom was really safe. Hideo was saying that it was safe. Yuko said that she didn't know.

    They kept talking about it some more. Yuko said that she had never touched one before. Hideo said that in his high school, they had taught how to put on the condom during the health class.

    Yuko doesn't like shots. Hideo doesn't mind shots.

    Time Leap will become a movie next year.

    Yuko and Hideo read some letters asking about things in Kansai.

    The drama was Time Leap episode 7.

    Hideo said that he will appear in the radio drama soon.

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