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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1996.11.16

    Time Leap episode 8
    Hideo said that the hook on Yuko's bra came off, so she stuck her hand in her shirt and fixed it. (Yuko's back had become ichy, so she was scratching herself on a chair, and the hook to her bra had come off.) He said that it was just like him sticking his hand in his pants to correct the position of his penis. Yuko claimed that it was totally different.

    After the CM, Hideo asked if Yuko's hook was all right, and Yuko said that it was. Then Hideo said that he can unhook a girl's bra in one second. When he was in junior high, he sat behind a girl and he practiced unhooking the bra. Then in high school he mastered the technique of unhooking the type that hooked in the front.

    Hideo and Yuko read some more letters.

    The drama was Time Leap episode 8.

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