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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1997.01.18

    Yoshitomi Akihito
    Chiisana Koi no Melody (Kinniku Shoujotai)
    Yuko read a letter from a high school girl said that they had to learn how to put on a condom during health class.

    Yuko gave some hints for the game Imadoki no Vampire (Playstation game).

    The guest was Yoshitomi Akihito, the author of Eatman. They talked about Eatman, the manga which started running last year, and the TV show which started running in January. Since the only main character was Bolt Crank, the other characters are guest characters. So Yuko and Hideo asked if they could appear as guest characters.

    The theme song of Eatman was sung by Kinniku Shoujotai. A CD single will be released. Then they played Chiisana Koi no Melody, the theme song.

    The TV is only aired in Tokyo, but the video of Eatman will come out in May.

    Someone sent in a letter saying that he was very happy that he found his picture of Nagashima Yuko, which has a little bit of her panties showing. Hideo said that he wanted to see it.

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