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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1997.05.17

    Imazeki Akiyoshi (director of Time Leap [movie])
    Since the Time Leap movie was going to start pretty soon, they were having a Time Leap special (for 5 weeks). Although Yuko and Hideo wanted to be in the movie, they didn't get the chance.

    The guest was Imazeki Akiyoshi, the director of the Time Leap movie. He said that the movie was a science fiction, seishun, suspense love story.

    In the "Hentai Kingdom" corner, Hideo read some more "taxes" (letters sent in by the listeners who wanted to become citizens of the kingdom). The topic was "hentai masturbation".

    • Get 7 or 8 guys in a row to walk down the street without their pants, masturbating..
    • In a game center, open the machine and pull out the joystick. Then get inside and stick your "son" out of the joystick hole..
    • Stick your penis out and put it next to a banana, while the "queen" was cutting the banana. It would be thrilling..

    The next topic for the "tax" would be an event for the spring undoukai (athletic festival).

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