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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1997.05.31

    Ogata Megumi ()
    Senju Akira
    Time Leap (Ogata Megumi)
    They had the "Yuppi no Hanazono" corner, where Yuko talked in a very, very cute voice, but they didn't have the "Hentai Oukoku" corner. The "Hentai Oukoku" corner will be next week.

    This was part of the Time Leap special, and the guests were Ogata Megumi (who sang the theme song for the Time Leap movie) and Senju Akira (who did the music for the movie). Ogata Megumi said that when she first read the novel, she thought it would be a good story for a CD drama. It had time travel and the situation jumps around a lot, so one can play back the separate tracks to follow certain character's time lines.

    Megumi already saw the movie, and said she enjoyed it too.

    Megumi said that she wrote the lyrics of the theme song in the point of view of Kazuhiko's feelings [the main male character]. (Megumi did the role of Kazuhiko in the CD drama.)

    Senju Akira said that he wanted Megumi to sing the song. He likes singers who write their own lyrics and sings them in their own voice. He thinks that Megumi has a great sense in writing lyrics. Akira wrote the music to the song. He wanted to keep it simple, so it won't be the type of music that will only fit in certain times and trends. He also wanted it to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Then they played the song Time Leap.

    The movie will start playing in Tokyo at the Shinjuku Joy Cinema on 6/7, and in Osaka on 6/28. Ogata Megumi, Senju Akira, and some other staff members and actors will be at the 10 AM and noon showings for a simple greeting on 6/7.

    The Time Leap original soundtrack goes on sale 6/4, and it contains the movie version of the song "Time Leap", which is a different mix from the single version.

    The guest next week will be Satou Aiko, the actress who plays the main character in Time Leap.

    Hideo said that E.M.U. will release a new single in July, and an album in August. They are also planning to have events in Tokyo and Osaka in August.

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