Earthly Paradise - 1998.10.11

Anata ga Irukara (Toyoshima Machiko)
Dream It Anatani Meguriaitai (Kawasumi Ayako)
This was the first broadcast of this radio show, so there were many people in the studio watching. This radio show is 30 minutes in Tokyo, but 60 minutes in Osaka.

Then to introduce herself, Machiko played her song Anata ga Irukara.
[full song]

[CM: Idol Project New Dream, CD on sale 10/28 (voice by Inoue Kikuko).]

The first corner was "kyou mo irukana" (今日もイルカな?) where Machiko read normal letters. She explained why the corner was named this way. Machiko likes dolphins (iruka), so she used that as part of the name. She wanted this to be the title of the radio show, but it got rejected.

Machiko said Sandy (her dolphin) was in the studio with her.

Then Machiko read some letters.

Machiko spelled out "Earthly Paradise", so people will know where to send the postcards.

Machiko said that there are plans to do public recordings for this radio show every month. They will have them in both Tokyo and Osaka.

Then she played Dream It Anatani Meguriaitai by Kawasumi Ayako, a theme song for the PS game Starlight Scramble. This is Ayako's first single.
[I think they played the whole song again.]

The next corner was "KSS Junction", which can be anything related to KSS. They will have guests, radio drama, and give out various information.

Machiko said she wore new clothes to the recording, and got praised by some of the staff. She was wearing a kahki cardigan and beige mini skirt.

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