Earthly Paradise - 1998.11.01

Over the Time (Inoue Kikuko, Hisakawa Aya)
Steeple Angel (Toyoshima Machiko)
Ren'ai Kouhosei part 8
The first song was Over the Time by Inoue Kikuko and Hisakawa Aya.
[This is an Idol Project song]

Machiko said that she had her Blizzard Gig event last week. Previously she did her live with the band, but this time she stood on the stage alone. She said that she worked a lot on the lighting. Each song had a different color to create the mood. Machiko said she also wore a long dress for the first time. For the slow songs, it was ok, but for the fast songs Machiko stepped on her dress, and her dance was a little awkward.

Machiko said that her solo album Tongari Tenshi will go on sale, and there will be a set of postcards for those who reserve it. She said she sang the new songs at the Blizzard Gig event.

Then she played Steeple Angel, a new song from the album.

Then Machiko read a lot of letters.

Machiko said that she changes into her pajamas when she gets home, and she feels relaxed.

Machiko said that she lies a little on her profile. She said that she writes "reading (books) and taking a walk" as her hobbies. But her real hobby is reading shoujo manga. Machiko said she reads a lot of shoujo manga every month. But she didn't want to write this on her profile sheet.

The drama was Ren'ai Kouhosei part 8.

Machiko said that there will be an open recording for this radio show next week (11/8) at Namco Wonder Egg 2, at 17:30. One has to say "Toyoshima Machiko Earthly Paradise" to get into the amusement park.

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