Earthly Paradise - 1998.11.08

Nami Oto (Toyoshima Machiko)
Ren'ai Kouhosei part 9
[I missed the first two minutes..]

Machiko said she likes to play Beatmania. But it's very hard, and she gets "BAD" for the results.
[Beatmania is a really popular DJ game.]

Machiko said that she hasn't gone to see her neighbor yet. She can't tell if the neighbor is male or female, and she is scared to go introduce herself.

Then Machiko played a song from Tongari Tenshi, Nami Oto. It was a sentimental ballad. Whether this is a "true" story or not.. Machiko said that it was a secret.

The drama was Ren'ai Kouhosei part 9.

Machiko said she likes the cat shaped cookies that they sell at the Nekotama zoo in Namco Wonder Egg (where they had the open recording that day).

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