Earthly Paradise - 1998.11.15

Kimura Akiko
Mafuyu no Himawari (Kimura Akiko)
This broadcast was recorded at Namco Wonder Egg 2 on 11/08. Machiko announced that there were 372 people watching.

Machiko read some letters.

There was a question about how Machiko sleeps when it gets cold. Machiko said that she wears a tank top or T-shirt under her pajamas. When it gets really cold, she sleeps with her socks on.

Machiko will have an event for her CD in Sunshine City next week (11/21). She said that she chose the order of the songs herself. Machiko chose the order so that the feeling one gets at the beginning and end of the CD would be different.

Machiko said that she was very nervous, as it was an open recording. Usually she would move more when reading letters, but that would look strange, so she is trying to control herself. Because of this, Machiko wasn't talking as smooth as she usually does.

Machiko was given an information sheet for Radio Osaka with an introduction of this radio show. But the corresponding picture was a picture of Kuwashima Houko!

There will be an event for the Kakyuusei OAV on 12/6.

The guest was Kimura Akiko.

They talked about Akiko's CD (first album). She said that she will have events in Osaka and Kyoto (11/28) 11/29 Hiroshima, 12/6 Kawagoe, 12/12 Nagoya, 12/19 Fukuoka, and 12/20 Sapporo.

Then they played Mafuyu no Himawari, the title song of Akiko's CD.

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