Earthly Paradise - 1998.11.22

Hi Hi High (Kumagai Sachiko)
Nami Oto (Toyoshima Machiko)
Ren'ai Kouhosei part 10
Machiko started the show by speaking in English. "Hi my name is Machiko Toyoshima, good evening."

Machiko said that she came back from Minnesota, and she still had jet lag.

Then she played Hi Hi High by Kumagai Sachiko, which is the ending song to the new Touch movie.
[they only played the first verse]

Machiko talked a little about her trip to the US. She went to visit her older sister in Minnesota. She said it was very cold, when she went out for a little walk. Her sister told her to wear some long underwear under her pants, but she didn't. Machiko said that her ears got very cold too.

Then she read some letters.

Machiko said she went to a large museum in Minnesota. It was very large, and it took over one hour to see just one floor. But she got to see a painting that she really liked.

Then Machiko played Nami Oto from her album that just went on sale the previous day.
[they only played the first verse]

There will be a "Kakyuusei Final event" on 12/6. They will make a special announcement and there will also be a mini-live at this event.

The drama was Ren'ai Kouhosei part 10.

Machiko said that she was happy that she released her first CD. But she was also very nervous about it. She wanted to hear what people thought about it.

Machiko said that she tried to use her English in Minnesota, but it didn't go too well. She can say what she wants to say, but she can't understand what people are saying. She said that she needs to work on her listening skills.

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