Earthly Paradise - 1998.11.29

Ren'ai Kouhosei part 11
[I missed the first 2 minutes.. my system clock was a little late!]

Machiko said that she slept a lot this week. She also discovered that she had a special talent. Machiko was able to wake up once, and sleep again to see the continuation of her dream.

Machiko said that it was very convenient that there were many vending machines. But she feels a little sad too. When she gives flowers, she wants it to be hand arranged, instead of buying it in a machine. But Machiko wishes that there were more vending machines that sold magazines.

Machiko said that she was sleeping on the evening of 11/18, when the Leonid Meteor Showers were visible. She said there were many listeners who sent in letters about it.

The drama was Ren'ai Kouhosei part 11.

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