Earthly Paradise - 1999.01.03

This was the first broadcast of the new year, and Machiko did the broadcast while drinking alcohol. She was drinking plum wine. Machiko said that she was really weak at drinking, and gets sleepy.

Machiko read a lot of letters, new year cards.
[of course this broadcast was recorded in 1998..]

Machiko said that she would like to do exercise (swimming) this year. She would also like to try harder at her work.

Machiko started to get drunk while reading the letters, even though she only took one sip.

Machiko said that she saved her money when she was little.

Machiko introduced a new TV show Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken. Machiko is in it as Ohkubo Miyako, the teacher of Aoi, the son of the main character Mito..

There will be a public recording for this radio show on 1/24 in Amagasaki (Hyougo). Machiko read a lot of letters from the Kansai listeners about the location.

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