Earthly Paradise - 1999.01.10

Himesion on Oka (Toyoshima Machiko)
Machiko talked about her broadcast last week, saying that the alcohol made her very happy. She said she wanted to do it again.

Machiko said she went back to her parent's home for the new year. She played mahjong, and ended up in third place (out of twelve).

Then Machiko read some letters regarding the new year.

Machiko said that there will be a public recording in Tokyo on 2/21.

Machiko said that she ate a lot of mochi during the new year.

Machiko said that there are foods that she likes now that she didn't like when she was little. But she still doesn't like beer or alcohol.

Machiko played Himesion no Oka, a song by Saeki Kanako, Machiko's character in the (still delayed) game Friends.

Then Machiko read letters and talked about the public recording that was coming up on 1/24.

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