Earthly Paradise - 1999.01.17

Love One's Home (Kimura Akiko)
Machiko said that there was some noise in the studio, as they were doing construction nearby. She said that some people might be able to hear it.

Then Machiko played Love One's Home, from Ren'ai Kouhosei, by Kimura Akiko. (the whole song)

Machiko said that she was happy to receive a lot of new year cards.

There were many letters saying that they liked the first broadcast of the new year, where Machiko was drunk.

Machiko said that she used to be a reader of Ribbon, and got some of the presents that they give out to everyone. But she has never won a limited present.

Machiko said that Kuwashima Houko's handwriting writing is very bad. When they had to write messages for the Girl's Be home page, she saw how sloppy Houko's writing was.

Machiko said that she didn't catch a cold for a long time.

Machiko said that her public recording event in Amagasaki (Hyougo) was next week. She asked people to bring an apron or a mask. But she didn't want people to bring a color TV. She also said that guys shouldn't wear sailor fuku.

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