Earthly Paradise - 1999.01.24

Machiko had a public recording today in Amagasaki (Hyougo). She said that she wore an apron skirt, and played with a mask.
[But then there was an echoing voice (by Machiko) saying that this broadcast was recorded on 1/18, one week before the public recording. (^_^)]

Machiko said that she will wear a white apron skirt, with some small flower designs at the public recording.

Then Machiko read some letters for the Shimauma One Piece corner, which is usually only for the Osaka broadcast.

Machiko said that she went to a public bath with Kuwashima Houko, and washed each other. She said she was happy.

Machiko said that she likes cats.

In Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken, there was a scene where Machiko's character was supposed to sing opera. She said she practiced a lot a home, by listening to opera CDs. But they changed it, so she ended up just singing a song. Machiko was a little disappointed.
But then Machiko sang a little bit of opera!

Next week, they will air parts of the Kansai public recording event.

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