Earthly Paradise - 1999.01.31

Standing Outside (Gars Brooks)
They aired the parts from the public recoding event in Amagasaki. It was an outdoor event, so it was cold.

Machiko read a lot of letters, mostly from people in Kansai, as many of them were at the event.

Machiko said that she likes girls who wear mini-skirts. But she was wearing a long skirt that day.

Machiko said that there will be two new corners from the next broadcast. One of them will be about To Heart information. The other will be about Tokyo Jusshouden, by Midorikawa Hikaru and Imai Yuka.

Then Machiko played Standing Outside by Gars Brooks.

The next public recording is 2/21, at Namco Wonder Egg 2.

At the end Machiko said "KSSS" instead of "KSS".

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