Earthly Paradise - 1999.03.07

Title Earthly Paradise
Aired 1999.03.07
To Heart message Horie Yui (ٹͳ)
Tokyo Jusshouden message Horie Yui (ٹͳ)
Host Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)

Machiko said she is fighting hay fever recently, so she doesn't go outside. She is staying at home reading.

They played a message by Horie Yui, who does the voice of Multi. She talked about doing voices in Kurogane Communication and Bubble Gum Crisis. The role in Kurogane is a robot, and the role in BGC is also like a robot (non human).
[Multi is a robot too.]

Machiko said that she wanted to do the voice of Multi too..

Machiko read some letters.

The next public recording will be 3/21 at Namco Wonder Egg 2. She apologized to the Osaka listeners, as she had previously said that the March one would be in Osaka.

There was a recorded message by Horie Yui for Tokyo Jussouden. She interviewed the creator Shouji Takashi. They talked about the names of the characters, all based on numbers from one to ten.

Machiko said she is filling out her income tax forms.

Machiko said she cut her hair recently, but she said the back is still long.

[Earthly Paradise]

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