Earthly Paradise - 1999.03.14

Tokyo Jusshouden message
Horie Yui
Girls Be (Girls Be)
Machiko said she had a dream of her high school graduation. She said she was wearing a black seifuku. For her junior college graduation, Machiko wore a hakama, and for her college graduation, she wore a blazer.

Machiko played Girls Be. During the song, Machiko said that she will have a talk show event with Kuwashima Houko on 4/4 at Kyoto Uzumasa Eigamura.

Machiko read lots of letters.

There was a person who went to the chiropractic doctor for the first time. Machiko said that she had gone many times, because she broke something before.

Machiko said that she wants to start swimming in April.

Machiko said that the most important thing to buy when moving in to a new apartment is a curtain and microwave oven.

There was a message by Horie Yui for Tokyo Jusshouden. She interviewed the creator Shouji Takashi. He said that some of the models of the female characters are former classmates and friends. He went to a high school with a 3 to 1 female to male ratio.

Machiko said she went to the foot massage recently. She said it hurt a lot.

There will be a public recording on 3/21 at Namco Wonder Egg 2. It is the same day as the Game Show, but Machiko will not be going to the Game Show.

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