Eberu Nights - 1998.05.10

Kotono said that she recently did the voice of Tsukino Usagi, for a summary video of the first season of Sailor Moon. It had been a while, so it took her (and Han Keiko [Luna]) a while to get back into the voices. Kotono even had to do some monologue lines of the final episodes. (In the original, Araki Kae did those lines.)

There was a corner where Kotono read out messages from the listers in a very sexy voice.

The editor of Comptiq came and talked about the June issue. The cover has Nadesico, for the windows CD-ROMs that will be coming out in the next few months.

There will be a public recording for Eberu Nights on 5/30, 17:00. The guests will be Kotono, Toyoguchi Megumi, Shiratori Yuri, and Hiramatsu Akiko.

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