Eberu Nights - 1998.05.24

Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
Kotono said that she has a fetish for white dress shirts. She said that she likes guys that wear a white shirt and tie.

There was a letter from a junior high girl who had proportions of 90-58-85.. She said that she didn't like having large breasts, and didn't see anything good about it. She wanted to know how she can make her breasts smaller.
Then Toyoguchi Megumi said that she wanted to know how to make her breasts larger..

The next corner was Kotono's "whisper" corner, where she reads messages in a very sexy voice.

The guest was Hikami Kyoko, and they talked a little about female pro-wrestling. Kyoko was a big fan, as was Kotono.

Then they talked about Lunar Silver Star Story, which will be coming out for the Playstation on 5/28. There will be some changes between the Saturn version and Playstation version. There will be more animation, and it will be full screen and more detailed.

Kotono said that she will be in a play in July.

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