El Hazard - 1996.07.05

Title Radio no Sekai El Hazard
Aired 1996.07.05
Drama El Hazard episode 8 [Saisei no Sekai El Hazard]
Hosts Iwanaga Tetsuya (ů)
Kozakura Etsuko (Ļ)

This was the last broadcast of the El Hazard radio show.

Etsuko and Tetsuya read a lot of letters.

Tetsuya announced that the second El Hazard OAV series will come out at the end of the year.

There will be seiyuu self introductions on the El Hazard drama CD. Also there will be a "Josou no Sekai El Hazard" (Dressing Up As Girls) drama as a bonus.
Tetsuya: It will be a fun CD.

Someone sent in a letter saying that they heard Iwanaga Tetsuya on TV in a foreign TV show. But they weren't sure if it was Tetsuya or Kikuchi Masami. Then Tetsuya did an imitation of Masami. [very funny]

They played "Daremo Sukini Narazuni Iyou" by Kozakura Etsuko, from her new album that goes on sale 7/24. Etsuko's album will have "Boys Be Free" (the El Hazard OAV ED), "Bukiyou Janakya Koi ha Dekinai" (the El Hazard TV ED), "Kaerouyo" (the El Hazard radio ED), and other songs.

The El Hazard drama CD will go on sale 7/24, and it will be a double CD for 4800 yen. It will be a restricted printing, and will only be made until October.

There will be events by Kozakura Etsuko for her new CD, on 8/3 in Osaka and on 8/4 in Tokyo. Iwanaga Tetsuya will also appear as a guest.

The drama was El Hazard radio drama episode 8, Saisei no Sekai El Hazard (The World of Regeneration El Hazard). Narration by Inoue Kikuko.

Tetsuya and Etsuko said that over half of the letters that they got were from girls. They had a great time, and they would like to have another radio show again when the new series begins.

The final corner was "Etchan no Mayonaka Undameshi" (Etchan's Midnight Fortune). Etsuko said that the people with birthdays in February and December will be lucky next week.

Next week, the Pretty Sami radio show will begin in this time slot.

[Radio no Sekai El Hazard]

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