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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.01.19

    Sotsugyou Crossworld 3
    Koyasu Takehito called SNK (a game company that made King of Fighters), and asked them if they would use two new characters Nishiazabu Otokichi and Kitasenju Torako (voice by Takehito and Hikami Kyoko). They did this because SNK is now taking requests for characters to be used in the game King of Fighters '97. But the person from SNK said that the requests that they were taking were from the previous games, not new characters..

    But Takehito kept talking and trying to get them to use him and Kyoko as voices in the game.. Then they suggested that maybe they can do a radio drama of King of Fighters, and be in the drama.

    Then they played Shiranuri Mai's theme from the new Garou Densetsu game. [this was an instrumental]

    The drama was Sotsugyou Crossworld 3.

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