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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.01.26

    Sotsugyou Crossworld 4
    There is something that Kyoko wants. She usually doesn't like things that are in fashion, such as print club, but this time she's interested.

    Koyasu Takehito was playing Goonies, a game that some listeners sent in.

    While Takehito was playing the game, Kyoko gave a snack to Takehito's tamagocchi. This was what Kyoko wanted.

    Kyoko also said that she wanted Para Parappa for the Playstation.

    Kyoko had a younger brother who played some of the games that she was in, Lunar and Sakura Taisen.

    At first Kyoko wasn't interested in the tamagocchi, but she kept hearing stories from everyone. Then she began to want it more and more.

    Takehito has a white tamagocchi, which was given to him by a fan. At first, he thought it was a fake one, because he had never seen a white one before. But today, some of the staff members told him that the white one was a rare one.

    Then they played the OP to Sotsugyou Crossworld. [instrumental]

    The drama was Sotsugyou Crossworld 4.

    Next week, the drama will be Street Fighter EX.

    They are still asking for listeners to send in unwanted games.

    [Game Dra Night]

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