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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.02.23

    Anything Gone (Iwao Junko)
    Street Fighter EX 4
    Kyoko got a white tamagocchi from a listener, and was very happy.

    Takehito still wanted a tamago yarou (one of the fake imitations). A listener sent in a letter saying that he got some information about the fake tamagocchi. There was one that looked like the real one in Akihabara, and those were sold for 2500 yen. Also there was one in Taiwan, but these weren't round. These were shaped just like one of the mini-tetris games.

    They played Anything Gone by Iwao Junko, which was the theme song from the Playstation game Refrain Love.

    The drama was Street Fighter EX episode 4. The cast was as follows: Ken (Iwanaga Tetsuya), Ryu (Ishizuka Katashi), Eliza (Kawamura Maria), Chun Li (Miyamura Yuko), Hokuto (Amano Yuri), Kyle (Shiozawa Kaneto), Guile (Genda Tessho), Dr. Lindark (Takagi Wataru), Skullomania (Futamata Issei), Pullum Purna (Sakamoto Chika), Vega (Nishimura Tomomichi), announcer (Matsuda Takehiro), reporter (Kato Masaya), and narration (Ohtsuka Akio).

    There will be an event called the SNK Live Tour on 3/9, and a public recording of this radio show will take place there. The SNK Live Tour will be open from 10:00 to 17:00. The stage will have game tournaments, cosplay, and talk shows. The cost is free.

    Kyoko: Please come in the morning and grab a good seat.

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