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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.03.09

    Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidou Retsuden 2
    Kyoko said that she saw a "Tamagocchi boshitechou" (母子手帳) at the bookstore, but she didn't buy it. But someone had sent one in.
    [A book that tracks how the mother and child is doing.]

    Kyoko said that her first "chick" that she raised in her tamagocchi died at 8 years old.

    The Game Dra Night public recording took place that day, and the guest was Ikoma Harumi.

    Kyoko and Takehito talked a lot about tamagocchi. Takehito said that he left the "unchi", and didn't clean up. He wanted to see what would happen. He said that eventually, there were 8 "unchi" on the screen. 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. This covered up the "chick", so you could only see the "unchi"..

    Kyoko said that there was one time when she forgot about the "unchi", and when she realized it, it was too late to flush because the "chick" fell asleep. So she couldn't flush until the next morning. Kyoko said that she felt very sorry for the "chick" having to sleep with the "unchi" besides him.

    The drama was Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidou Retsuden episode 2.

    Takehito said that this program was turning into a tamagocchi program.. but that it was ok because the tamagocchi was a currently popular game.

    [Game Dra Night]

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