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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.03.30

    Blue Mary's Blues (Ikoma Harumi)
    Open Sesame (Hikami Kyoko, Koyasu Takehito) [live at event]
    This week they played some clips from the public recording event (that took place on 3/9 in the SNK Live Tour '97).

    Kyoko and Takehito read some letters (during the recording).

    There was an announcement by SNK. There will be a new character in the King of Fighters 97, and Koyasu Takehito will do the voice of the character. The name of the character has not been determined yet.

    The guest was Ikoma Harumi, the seiyuu for Nakoruru and other game characters. Harumi has also done Charlotte (Samurai Spirits), Blue Mary (Garou Densetsu), and King (Ryuuko no Ken).

    Before doing voices for games, Harumi was working in the Osaka area as a reporter and also doing TV and radio commercials.

    Harumi said that she was happy to see people doing cosplay of her game characters.

    Takehito pointed out that Kyoko did a cosplay of Ellis. But he doesn't like to do cosplay himself.

    Harumi said that she would like to do a voice of a boy character. She likes characters that are lively, so it's very hard to do the role of Nakoruru. She has to create an image of the soft Nakoruru inside herself before doing the role. Kyoko said that Harumi was very different in the studio when they were recording the Samurai Spirits drama.

    Harumi said that there was a CD called DJ Station out now, where Nakoruru and other game characters talk.

    Then they played Blue Mary's Blues by Ikoma Harumi.

    Then Kyoko and Takehito sang Open Sesami, the OP song to this radio show. [Kyoko did most of the singing.]

    Kyoko and Takehito said their good-byes and read out the corners that exist in the radio show.

    [Game Dra Night]

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