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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.04.06

    Clock Tower Second chapter 1
    There were some questions from listener that Kyoko and Takehito answered.

    Q: Do you believe in fortunes?
    Kyoko: I will use it as reference. Sometimes when things aren't going well, I read that my luck isn't supposed to be high. Then I just wait until the next period to wait for the luck to go up.

    Q: Do you believe in the 12 signs (traditional) or 13 signs (new)?
    Kyoko: 12.
    Takehito: Nobody talks about the 13 signs now. I never believed in it in the first place.
    Kyoko: I didn't believe it. When it changed from 12 to 13, the fortunes of each sign didn't change. That doesn't make sense as there were people who changed from one sign to another.

    Regarding fortunes, Takehito said that he only believed in the good ones.

    The drama was Clock Tower Second, chapter 1.

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