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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.05.04

    Naze Kimi to Deaetano (Hikami Kyoko)
    Neo Geo DJ Station radio hen part 1
    It was Koyasu Takehito's birthday (5/5). He said, "Happy birthday to me!" But he said that his father had died at the age of 35, so he was scared that he also had only 5 years left..

    At the Game Dra Night public recording, Takehito had said that if he found 100 yen on the street, he didn't have to turn it in. A lot of fans heckled him for it. But he just got a letter from someone who had looked it up in the laws. The letter said that it was legally ok to not turn in amounts less than (or equal to) 100 yen.

    Then they played "Naze Kimi to Deaetano" by Hikami Kyoko, which was the ending to Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku (the new game which will be the continuation of Eternal Melody). The CD will go on sale in July.

    The drama was Neo Geo DJ Station radio hen part 1.

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