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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.05.11

    Neo Geo DJ Station radio hen part 2
    This week was a horror game music special.

    They announced that they will create a Club G members card, and give them to those who have their postcards read on the air. But they still haven't designed the card yet.

    There was a new corner where listeners send in a combination of foods that will taste like some other food. There was a lot of food in the studio, and Kyoko and Takehito tried them out.

    • uulong tea + cider = non-alcohol beer
      They made it, and both Kyoko and Takehito drank it.
    • shrimp rice cracker + mayonaise = fried shrimp
      Kyoko tried it and said, "delicious!"
    • Oronamin C (a vitamin drink) + milk = milk shake
      Takehito said that it was good.
    • banana + mayonaise = melon
      Kyoko didn't like it.

    The drama was Geo DJ Station radio hen part 2.

    The story had Nakoruru, Shiranui Mai, and Iori (?) in Hokkaidou. Nakoruru told the others that it was supposed to be nice, but they were in the cold. There were animals around, and a bear came by, and they couldn't escape, so they all played dead.

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