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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.06.29

    Velvet Underworld (Weiss)
    There was no drama this week. It was request night, so they played requested songs.

    There was a psychological test. At an athletic festival, during the opening ceremony, what are you feeling? During the folk dance, the next partner is someone you like, what are you feeling? At the end, you are watching the sunset, what are you feeling?

    The three situations above correspond to the feelings during a date, before a kiss, and the parting after a date.

    Then they played a song by OMY.

    Kyoko and Takehito said that Iwao Junko is into the mini 4 ku (little cars), and spent all night building one. But she didn't let it run because she doesn't want it to crash and break.

    Then they aired some part of the audition for King of Fighters 97. There were 1534 girls who applied for the role of Kyo's girl friend. The 16 finalists participated in the final audition, and the winner was Kojima Tomoko.

    The King of Fighters 97 drama will be aired on the radio show. Takehito will also be in King of Fighters 97, in the role of Yabuki Shingo, a high school student who wants to be Kyo's disciple.

    There was a Weiss event on 5/25, and they aired part of the opening (LOTS of screaming girls). The event was held in a disco, not event hall. So everyone stood, and they packed in a lot of people.

    The upcoming Weiss CDs are: drama CD on 6/21, the second part of the drama CD on 8/21, another drama CD in October, and maybe a first single next year.

    There are also comics, a story, an official fan club, and lots of pictures in the magazines. There will be fan club events, 2 CDs, and newsletters for the fan club members.

    There will be a new seiyuu magazine released on 7/16, called HM3. Weiss will be featured in this magazine too.

    Then they played Velvet Underworld, where all four members of Weiss are singing. This is like the opening song to Weiss.

    Kyoko said that she wants to be in the Weiss drama, and said that she'll do anything..

    The new radio drama next week will be "Yuukyuu Gensou Kyoku".

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