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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.09.21

    Naze Kimi to Deaetano [live version] (Hikami Kyoko)
    King of Fighters 97 Gekitotsuhen round 3
    It was "Hikami Night", as they played songs from games that Kyoko appeared in.

    Takehito talked about his digital monster. Suddenly it made a loud noise. Then his "pet" turned from a 4 year old into a 40 year old. Takehito said that he was very scared.

    Then they played Naze Kimi to Deaetano, the live version that Kyoko sang at the Tokyo Game Show (9/7) at the Media Works booth.

    Pocket Monsters will come out on Nintendo 64.

    The drama was King of Fighters 97 Gekitotsuhen round 3.

    CM [20 seconds]: Iwao Junko singing a song for her CD Kimochi. (music is "Boku ha 32 Gram") [VERY nice!]

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