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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.10.12

    King of Fighters '97 Shukumeihen 2
    There was a new OP, sung by Koyasu Takehito. He wrote the lyrics too. The title is Doubutsu Tachi no Yoru.

    They said that there was a new ED too.

    It was "Hero Night", as they played songs from games with heroes similar to tokusaku hero shows.

    Kyoko said that she cut her own hair today, and she cut too much in the front. But Takehito said that he didn't notice.

    The drama was King of Fighters 97 Shukumeihen round 2.

    The ED song was sung by Hikami Kyoko.

    Then Takehito gave some Weiss information. The magazine HM3 volume 2 goes on sale 10/14, and Takehito is on the cover. There is a Weiss special in this magazine.

    It has been one year since this radio show began.

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