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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.10.19

    Wing Road [BGM]
    King of Fighters 97 Shukumeihen round 3
    It was "vampire night", as they played music from games which have vampires in them.

    They did a psychological test.
    Q: What do you think about your wrist watch?
    Takehito used to always have one, but now he doesn't. He said that it gets in the way now.
    Kyoko said that she always keeps it on her. The only time she takes it off is when she takes a bath. Kyoko even sleeps with her watch on.

    The "answer" was that the feeling one has toward the wrist watch is the feeling one has toward their girl/boy friends.

    The will be a Game Dra Night public recording event, in commemoration of the Game Dra Night CD going on sale 11/19. It will be 11/22, 18:30 at TBS Hall. They will invite 300 people.

    People who want to go to the event must send a postcard to the radio show with the following information: address, name, age, telephone number. They should send it in to the 公開イベント係 (koukai event kakari).

    Then they played Wing Road from the game Round Trip RV for the Neo Geo 64 (at arcades).

    The drama was King of Fighters 97 Shukumeihen round 3.

    Takehito said that he wants a life sized Pixy doll. Kyoko wants a life sized Godzilla..

    Takehito said that the new Weiss drama CD goes on sale 10/21.
    Takehito: Please buy it!

    While making the Game Dra Night CD, they chose too many parts, and they couldn't fit it all into the CD. So they will make a special cassette with those segments, and give it away as a present. Information about this will be given next week.

    [Game Dra Night]

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