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  • ɥʥ - 1997.10.26

    Ikezawa Haruna (߷պ)
    King of Fighters 97 Shukumeihen round 4
    The guest was Ikezawa Haruna, so it was "Nana-chan night", and they played a lot of songs from games that Haruna was in.

    They read a letter from a "shocked" listener. The person found out that Haruna and Takehito was married, and had kids. But Haruna said that this was a just a camoflage, because she is in love with Kyoko.

    Haruna and Kyoko first met at a magazine photo shooting. Kyoko thought that Haruna was very different from other seiyuu. They worked in Wedding Peach together for one year.

    The drama was King of Fighters 97 Shukumeihen round 4, the final episode.

    While making the Game Dra Night CD, they chose too many parts, and they couldn't fit it all into the CD. So they will make a special cassette with those segments, and give it away as a present. They will give it to 30 people.

    They will also give away 10 copies of a trial version of Star Sweep.

    Haruna will come as a guest next week too.

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