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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.11.09

    Cool Jam [music]
    Marie no Atelier episode 2
    It was "Street Fighter night", as they played a lot of music from Street Fighter.

    Kyoko took a psychological test.

    There were still many people who thought that Takehito was married to Ikezawa Haruna. Takehito announced that he wasn't.

    Takehito had plans for a solo album next year, but he postponed it because he is busy working on Weiss.

    Then they played Cool Jam from King of Fighters 97.

    The drama was Marie no Atelier episode 2.

    Takehito announced that Weiss took pictures in Kyoto for Seiyuu Grand Prix volume 14.

    Neo Geo DJ Station Live 98 will take place on 1998.01.17 and 1998.01.18. Nonaka Masahiro, Yasui Kunihiko, Ikoma Harumi, Omimura Mayuko, and others will appear.

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