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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.11.23

    Marie no Atelier episode 4
    Takehito and Kyoko just had an event for the Game Dra Night CD. Next week, they will broadcast part of the event.

    Takehito and Kyoko did some psychological tests.

    Your girl friend gave you a rose, but you cut your finger. Then she gave you a handkerchief. Describe the handkerchief.
    Takehito: A white one, with stitches on both sides, lacy.
    Kyoko read the answer.. the kind of panties that you want your girl friend to wear.

    Then Takehito read a test. He asked Kyoko to grab one of his fingers. Kyoko grabbed Takehito's pointing finger. Then as Takehito looked at the answer, he started laughing.
    The finger determines how you feel toward the person. The answers were: thumb - respect, middle finger - friend, ring finger - like, little finger - lovers, and pointing finger - hate.

    There was a question about Takehito's very long sideburns. Takehito said that when he puts the sideburns over his ears, it means that he isn't feeling too well.

    The drama was Marie no Atelier episode 4.

    Takehito said that there will be a Weiss picture collection coming out.

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