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  • Game Dra Night - 1998.02.15

    Yuuki Hiro (Ϥ)
    Samurai Spirits episode 3
    The guest was Yuuki Hiro, a member of Weiss. They played some of the Weiss songs in the background.

    They took some psychological tests.

    Kyoko read the question: What do you think about coffee?
    Takehito said that he doesn't drink as much recently. He likes morning coffee.
    Hiro said that he used to drink it about 5 times daily, but he doesn't drink as much now. Now it's only once a day.

    Kyoko read the answer as "the image you have of sex". She said that she didn't like coffee before, but she likes it now.

    Then they talked a little bit more about ecchi things.. Hiro asked if this show was always like this. Kyoko said that this was the most ecchi show they ever had. Then Takehito and Hiro said that the Weiss radio show is always like this. Kyoko acted like she was embarrassed, and didn't know what they were talking about. It all ended with Kyoko saying that she liked "unchi" more than "ecchi"..

    The drama was Samurai Spirits episode 3.

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